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Friday, 29 May 2015

Prunella Smith: Worlds Within Worlds by Tahlia Newland

Prunella Smith: Worlds Within WorldsPrunella Smith: Worlds Within Worlds by Tahlia Newland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Flipping heck, where do I start with this one.

This author sure can write.

I am not saying I understand all of it, I consider myself average intelligence, down to earth and realistic. I like facts of things, so the fantasy bit went over my head.

My attention was peeked with the Internet though, and sitting on judgement of others. Its so easy to live behind a metal screen and 'dictate' and have or pull others down. Its also cowardly.

Authors/reviewers, that peeked my interest of course as I myself have many private opinions about this!

Although some of the matter I can honestly say I skimmed through, the concept of it all was not lost on me.

I certainly can see where the author came up with Worlds within worlds for its title.

I enjoyed it, the bits I read more thoroughly were an eye opener and thought provoking.
The bits I did skim over were just because my genre interest is although varied it doesn't reach as far as fantasy, the dreams and the memories, and the concept of separate worlds in itself, separate as in life on the net and leading a life away from it.....yes understood that concept, but sometimes a little too deep for me to follow or maybe didn't interest me enough in that written matter. That would not be the authors fault but mine.

Author and editor Prunella Smith inhabits a multilayered reality. Physically, she lives in the Australian bush with her crazy cat Merlin. In her work world, she edits the love story of Kelee, a Magan Lord’s daughter, and in the cyber-world of social media, she’s subjected to slanderous attacks by a disgruntled author. To complicate matters further she sees things through the eyes of a Tibetan Yogi, has strange dreams and relives old memories.

Separate worlds, interconnected and complementary, but can they help when Prunella becomes victim to a real life stalker and her sanity is threatened?

Worlds Within Worlds has a unique perspective on the nature of creativity. Its touch is light, its humour distinctive but it reaches deep into the nature of human experience

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