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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Only the Brave by Mel Sherratt

Only the Brave (DS Allie Shenton #3)Only the Brave by Mel Sherratt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We are back with DS Allie again solving her cases as only she knows how. I just love this series!

Mel Sherratt has a way of writing that really gets me involved with everything that is going on within the chapters.

When this guy gets killed outside a block of flats [for whatever reason, I am not telling] you will have to read the story to find out. If that wasn't bad enough, the bag that was hidden underneath the tree and was found by an innocent person who lived in the block was a great adventure because I was wondering what would happen if that bag was discovered missing, as it had a huge amount of money in it.

Well, several things were happening within the chapters of this book that ran parallel so it was a bit like fixing a jigsaw puzzle for me to make the complete picture.

We also go to DS Allie's personal life too.

If you have read the previous books in this series you will know that her sisters attacker was never found and her sister in this book is very grimly ill.

All is all this was a great book for me to be lost in and join DS Allie and her team on the discoveries that were made.

Yet another crime solved with me on the team :) woooo hooo

I would love to thank Mel Sherratt for her awesome imagination and skill in writing such awesome books for us readers to get our teeth into and for Amazon Publishing in allowing me access prior to publication to read and leave a review.

When one of the notorious Johnson brothers is murdered and a bag of money goes missing, a deadly game of cat and mouse is set in motion.
DS Allie Shenton and her team are called in to catch the killer, but the suspects are double-crossing each other and Allie has little time to untangle the web of lies.
As she delves deeper into the case, things take a personal turn when Allie realises she is being stalked by the very same person who attacked her sister seventeen years ago and left her for dead.
Set over forty-eight tension-filled hours, Only the Brave is the latest gut-churning book from acclaimed author Mel Sherratt.

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