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Friday, 8 May 2015

Lives Lost by Britta Bolt

Lives Lost (Pieter Posthumus, #2)Lives Lost by Britta Bolt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this paperback from Hodder & Stoughton through the post.

I settled down to read this, its definitely a 'whodunnit'.

The start of the first few chapters suck you into the story right away.

Imagine yourself minding your own business, having a quiet little drink and then SCREAMING.....what on earth.

A few minutes later the owner of the guesthouse runs into the bar, one of the tenants have been murdered.

We meet Pieter Posthumus very early on, as the investigator to what has happened, he is the one who was sat at the bar quietly having his drink.

The owner of the guesthouse has been arrested. But that person seems an unlikely suspect.

As we plough on in the book we have a few twists that lead us to thinking one thing, but the ending is quite something else.

Its a very well written enjoyable read.

This book will be released around about 7th May so keep a look out for it.

The blog tour starts soon from the authors PA

Pieter Posthumus is enjoying a quiet drink in his favourite bar when the screaming starts. A minute later, the owner of the guesthouse next door rushes in: one of her tenants has been murdered.

Marloes, the guesthouse owner, is an odd but kind soul. Posthumus cannot believe it when she is arrested – for both her tenant Zig’s murder and another death years before. He knows there are questions unanswered: what is the link between the two cases? Why are people so keen to think Marloes is guilty? And why did Zig paint just one picture every year – a copy of a Dutch master, but with one peculiar twist?

As his investigation progresses, he comes to see that a few minutes can mean all the difference in the world: between saving a life and taking one; between innocence and guilt. And that sometimes asking questions leads to a truth that’s hard to bear


Posthumus Blog: De Dolle Hond
So much in our books happens at De Dolle Hond, the very traditional Amsterdam café owned by Pieter Posthumus’s former girlfriend Anna de Vries. It has been in her family for generations. The name translates as ‘The Mad Dog’, and (in the books) the café is over 400 years old. There are cafés with such odd, ancient names all round town – such as In ’t Aepjen (‘In the Apes’), so named for the monkeys skint sailors used to leave behind as payment when the building was an inn, back in the Golden Age. The Dutch still have a saying that one is ‘in de aap gelogeerd’ (lodging in the ape), which comes from this. Maye one day we’ll invent a contemporary saying that derives from De Dolle Hond. Burt the real-life model for De Dolle Hond is not In ’t Aepjen, but a bar round the corner called The Old Nickel. The real-life bar is only around 100 years old, but you’d recognise it from descriptions in the book, from the bric-a-brac, Delft vases and carvings along the wainscot (fake in reality but antique in the books). Like De Dolle Hond, The Old Nickel has live music (though of a very different sort), and a board covered with badges and medals beside the bar, but upstairs is a hotel. In the books, Anna lives upstairs…and De Dolle Hond is rather more upmarket than The Old Nickel.

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