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Friday, 1 May 2015

Letters to my Husband by Stephanie Butland

Letters to my HusbandLetters to my Husband by Stephanie Butland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Letters to my husband.

I knew by this it would be kinda sad, but I didn't get too upset, I think I was expecting more emotional upheaval, not that it wasn't, it was! And it did make me reach for the tissues.

We have open letters to Mike from his wife Elizabeth. The difference is, he will NEVER get to read them, he will NEVER get to see them. He will NEVER know just what Elizabeth is going through without him, because, he is dead.

Something happened one day whilst taking his dog out for a walk, which he does often, near the water.

Mike is a respected Police Officer. He has the kind reputation for doing things for people, he even went into a burning house to save a little child and its Mother. Dangerous? Foolish? maybe. But its not strange, a lot of people would do this. Even though he put his life at risk.

That day by the waters edge, something happened and he drowned whilst saving a girl, a 19 year old girl named Kate.

Kate doesn't remember what happened. Or is she hiding something?

All the way through we have privy to Elizabeth's open letters every now and again, she pours out her heart, her soul, and several questions.

Those around her are devastated, they cannot get her out of her deep thoughts, her withdrawel.

This is wonderfully written, its something that will make you think.

There are twists in this book especially at the end. OK, you can guess it, but you DO NOT KNOW IT, why and the wherefore.

Can you be happily married and still yearn for more?

Mike and Elizabeth wanted children, but it didn't come easy for her to get pregnant, they had to go through IVF in the end. But they were strong, right?

Family secrets
Communication in a marriage is a MUST and this couple had it, but, what wasn't said?

This is a highly recommended read that had me well engrossed for hours.

I would like to say a big thank you to the author and to Random House UK, Transworld Publishers via Net Galley for my copy to read and review

Dear Mike, I can’t believe that it’s true. You wouldn’t do this to me. You promised.

Elizabeth knows that her husband is kind and good and that he loves her unconditionally. She knows she hasn’t been herself lately but that, even so, they are happy.

But Elizabeth’s world is turned upside down when Mike dies in a tragic drowning accident. Suddenly everything Elizabeth knows about her husband is thrown into doubt. Why would he sacrifice his own life, knowing he’d never see his wife again? And what exactly was he doing at the lake that night?

Elizabeth knows that writing to Mike won’t bring him back, but she needs to talk to him now more than ever . . .

How much can you ever know about the people you love?

Originally published in hardback as Surrounded by Water

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