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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Dissipate by Kristin Mayer

DissipateDissipate by Kristin Mayer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an absolutely enthralling read for me.

Kenzie Brooks [known as Sarah to start with] has been living at an early young age with her Mother in a religious sect. She knows nothing else, she can remember not much about her old life as she was so young.

The people in this sect had heavy rules to go by and there were Watchers who made sure of this, and other high up ones in the sect.

They were not allowed to be involved in the 'outside wicked world' as it was unhealthy, they had almost all they needed.

Her Mother used to teach her 'schooling' as she wanted better for her daughter, however, this could not be found out by anyone, not anyone within this organization. It was all hush hush, her Mother for example used to teach her maths was cooking, and they would write in the flour spread on the area of baking. No one would find or discover this. Her Mother was very wise.

When her Mother was dying she wanted to let her daughter know that this life was not what she approved of, that her name was NOT Sarah and it was infact Kenzie.

She has to mock her disappearance with a note saying that she could not go on without her Mother.

In all intense and purposes hoping they won't find her.

Outside of this confines of what she knew she is lead of a discovery not only about herself but her family, her Father, her discoveries in the 'outside world'

Will she survive with all that her Mother has taught her?
Or will she stand out in a crowd?
What does she find out about her family on the outside and how did her mother become so entangled within this sect?

The young lad she left behind who she thought she loved, would she find him again or find a new romance?

You know, there is a lot in this book that kept me as captured and embroiled in it as much as Kenzie in her sect. It was a very powerful read, it was a read that I thought much about as these kind of things do go on and you read about them.
This book has my nose constantly glued to it until I got to the end.

Kristin Mayer has been known to me as an author for a while now due to a group I run with my book mate and I have to say, although this book is not her usual style, I do hope she writes more powerful topics just as this as I will be on her waiting list for more.

Thank you Kristin Mayer for a wonderful read.

Kenzie Brooks needs to vanish.

All she has ever known is a string of misconceptions, including her name. Upon her mother’s passing, Kenzie is left with no other choice but to disappear without a trace from all she has ever known which is The Society.

She must vanish.

Will Kenzie be able to fool The Society into thinking she’s dead? Or will they put the pieces together and discover she’s learned the truth about where she came from?

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