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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Tunnel Vision by Aric Davis

Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision by Aric Davis
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is so hard to do. I HATE giving below 3 star reviews, but once in a while [not often thank God] it happens, and this is going to be one of those times.

I know someone has written this, spent time on it, maybe hours/days away from family/friends putting down this writing and making it into a book.

BUT I have to be honest. Its what I do, and its what gives ME credibility as a reader/reviewer.

There were some things that I loved about the book. I did love the characters. A LOT.

But, the plausibility of the story was too taxing, too unbelievable. Yes YES yes I know, its a novel, its not real! As a lot of people will say, and rightly so, but its not a fairytale either. Its not a 'pie in the sky' oh look.....kinda read either is it?

When I got to the girls whose teacher encourages them to tackle a murder investigation as a school project my mouth dropped to the floor! WHAT??

Dangerous or what! hmmmm

It was moments like this in the book I was aghast at. Teenagers? an 18 year old running a drugs operations, growing it, all by himself, teenagers who solve a murder mystery.

Its a bit like the FAMOUS FIVE

It didn't work for me.

This is purely 100% how I felt

I would like to thank Amazon Publishing via Net galley for my copy

Some mysteries are better left unsolved.
It’s been fifteen years since Mandy Reasoner was murdered—a crime for which her boyfriend, Duke, was convicted. But when best friends Betty and June discover that Mandy was June’s long-forgotten aunt, they decide to pursue the mystery. Galvanized by the growing community who doubts the evidence against Duke and is rallying to free him, the two girls start on a path that will bring them not only to Duke himself but smack into Nickel, a canny, tough-as-nails teenage P.I. attempting to keep his own life together. They make a good team, but Nickel is on his own mission of revenge, and the web of lies surrounding Mandy’s murder is growing ever thicker.
The closer they get to the truth, the less clear the path becomes. Will they survive the fight to bring Mandy’s killer to justice?
Award-winning author Aric Davis brings back his captivating anti-hero, Nickel, in Tunnel Vision, a work of edgy noir about unlikely friendship and long-overdue justice.

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