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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Right Notes by C.S. Moore

The Right NotesThe Right Notes by C.S. Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don't read many of bikers books or rock star based books because they were all sounding much of a muchness. BUT when I saw this one, by C S Moore and knowing I have read a previous book by this author, I agreed to it.

We have Mya, whose long term relationship with Josh ended, she is very badly hurt and bruised. Instead of jumping from one guy to another she decides to look after herself for a bit. Even the guy that tries to date her in her home building doesn't get a look in and continually gets the 'brush off' but he keeps trying nevertheless.

One night her friend urges her to dress up [she helps her] and got see this rock band. Sitting before the show along waiting on her friend she eyes Asher Dawson at a distance and tries to make herself less noticeable.

Asher Dawson is the lead in the rock band, he is well known for his past reputation.

Myra makes a refreshing change from the females he is used to, she doesn't even know of him, his past, let alone his present. He is a changed man! Although others in the band were not.

My thoughts:

I thought this a lovely angle on the rock n roll image that is so widely known and thought of. It was great to see a female who was not 'throwing her panties' on the stage, being like a groupie and seriously had respect for herself.

I salute the author, as I loved the way the entire story was handled. Myra was a lovely girl, honest, true to herself and when we got to know Asher, and the depths his life took from young to now, it endeared me to him even more. I could see why Myra would fall.

A GREAT rock n roll book. Loved it

Mya’s one and only long-term relationship taught her not to trust — and she was a quick learner. Never one to make the same mistake twice, she knew that no one could hurt her behind the barriers she put up. She felt nothing and preferred it that way. Mya’s life was fine — just fine. Until Asher Dawson, the most notorious rock star in the world, came crashing into her life. One day with him and her walls came tumbling down...

But how could she take a chance on him, of all people? He was a known bad-boy and she had been burnt before. His past was littered with terrible decisions that he revealed with unrepentant honesty… But he would tell her nothing about his origins, or how he came to be in foster care along with what would later become his band mates. Dark secrets aside, Asher made her heart sing. Emotion restored and heart on the line, would her choice end in disaster for them both?

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