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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Find by Gregg Bell

The FindThe Find by Gregg Bell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thank you Gregg Bell for approaching me and suggesting I read for an honest review THE FIND.

This book has it all.

Romance, life's troubles and worries, an ex, a new lover who happens to be a BAD BOY.

Phoebe really does get herself into a HUGE scrape, doesn't she!

She has a very sick child who needs help. She's a single Mom.

{Now this is where I had a thought....why didn't she go to the father of her child asking for help [Brent] he is an ex cop, surely he could help financially towards the costs? or did I miss something here?]

She happens to find an expensive watch. Good one!
She now can get money for this and use it for helping her child.

Desperate measures.
No one can question desperate measures as we never know what we would do when faced with situations that Phoebe had.
So no comment from me there.

In days the owner of the watch finds out who found it. He happens to be the Leader of a mobster gang. Hence the BAD BOY.

He's an attractive bad boy who Phoebe ends up lushing after.
She gets in quite deep [from all angles]

The thing is Brent [her ex husband] knows of this bad boy known as Michael "Fingertips" Contini and he needs to 'save her' before its too late and something happens......


This made for an interesting read I thought.
Personally, I am no author no expert, I just am an avid reader who happens to review books and read over 400 books last year....and almost 200 so far this year.
I like what I like I guess.

I LIKED this one.

Its just that, the story was excellent, the concept of it, but Phoebe did get on my wick at times, at one time she is bad ass Phoebe, the next she's timid and scared. Be one or the other I'd say.

Another thing, although it was quite fast paced, it lulled in some places with unnecessary long drawn out substances that I was saying 'ok ok enough already' give some logic to the reader. They can read between the lines.

Not everything has to be spelled out.

*I am being as honest as I can be, true to myself and mean no upset, this afterall is MY take on the book and no one else's*

Its a hard market out there now that there are heaps and heaps of potential authors publishing for themselves, so a book has to be the best it can be to stand out. I think this can STAND OUT just a bit of rounding out.

+I took a peak at others reviews, and I see a couple have mentioned the same as me, so I don't feel so bad now+

Gregg Bell is someone to definitely keep your eye on though, there is the substance, just needs developing.
Like I say, I am not expert! Just my POV from the amount of books I read.

Nice one Gregg :)

She found a watch. A monster found a plaything. 

Looking for love is the last thing on single mother Phoebe Jackson's mind. She's desperate to find a way to make enough money to help her sick child and will do anything to save her. Finding an expensive bejeweled watch is just the lucky break she needs, and her need to save her child overwhelms her ethics and she decides to take it.

Unbeknownst to her, the watch belongs to the mobster Michael "Fingertips" Contini. Within days Contini discovers she took the watch and confronts her, and soon Phoebe's lured into his world of wealth and power, and finds much much more than she was looking for...

Former cop Brent Greer, Phoebe's ex-husband's best friend, knows Contini's history all too well and knows that Phoebe is blind to how much danger she's really in. Her problems may be none of his business, but he can't stand by and watch her fall in deeper. Extricating her from the vicious gangster is harder every day she spends with him—yet if Brent can't convince Phoebe to get out, a deadly end can't be far off

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