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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Flagitious by JoAnne Myers

FlagitiousFlagitious by JoAnne Myers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In between reading a full book I read each of one of these shorter thrillers inside this book.

I really HAVE to praise JoAnne Myers up, because each book took my complete attention.


In the first book, Stevens Mother was murdered.
There was a paragraph in there that stood out to me...

After seeing the photo's of his dead Mother, he held a photo album in his hands and hesitated over looking at his "Hot Momma", the one he remembered. His bubbly Momma.
He cried.

The Hatchet Man resurfaced from time ago.

I enjoyed this first story very much so.


Katherine is a young widow. Her nephew goes missing. She knows there is something not right and won't settle until she finds out.

The problem is, once she does it puts her in complete and utter danger.
There is something Satanic going on.

Her life is at stake.

She also, unexpectedly finds love.

This was an intense story. Full of page flicking for me, I wondered what on earth would be around the next corner for Katherine. And just what about her nephew!

Great read.


We meet Charlotte.
On the surface she has it all, lots of children, family life, nothing to worry about. Then...
a medical error goes wrong.......

Child abduction....

I was solidly hooked on this short story.
Reads like this are my favorite, I'm not sure why, but this author does write this one very VERY well, I started this section about 10pm after reading a full book. I picked up this story in FLAGITIOUS and began to read, fitting it in between books.

I got so carried away it was early hours of the morning when I finally got to sleep.

Yet another fab read.


This one is full of Lust, riches, power verses Honor from a Detective Nick. {I couldn't help but laugh at the warped sense of humor! Nick LOL]

Seriously though, this was another excellent story.
I thought this one good, flowed well, and you have this authors style marked all over it.

This wasn't my favorite of short stories in this section because I loved the others so much I guess.

Nothing wrong with it...
Just too "detectivy" [I know its now a word lol] for me.

Thank you JoAnne Myers for contacting me and asking if I would like to read this. I loved it because all the short stories meant I could fit it in between reads making it handy. I could pick it up, put it down with ease.

Highly recommended.

By the way, I looked up the word FLAGITIOUS as it wasn't a word I was aware of, all I'm saying is, the WORD fits these stories SUPERBLY!

Four crime/mystery stories filled with intrigue, danger, lies, and lust, when betrayal, jealousy, and deceit are unleashed.

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