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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Devil's Dawn by Charlotte Raine NOW LIVE

Devil's Dawn (A Grant & Daniels Romantic Suspense Trilogy Book 2)Devil's Dawn by Charlotte Raine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After reading the first book in this series I was super excited to receive this advanced copy from Charlotte Raine.

The girl that was kidnapped in the first book is now back with her family and working in a The Charcoal grill.

Is she over her experience? Is she heck. Its left her with a few scars, emotional. There is a reference in there to a phrase, it is reflecting how a human can harbor a beast, a wolf, everyone has hidden nasty tendencies, well, this is what I took away from it.

The guy who own the Charcoal grill is a bit of a perv, he doesn't care who sees him watching dirty sexual video's on his PC, no matter who walks in. However, the other side of him makes advances to his staff. He justifies this because the small town doesn't have that many jobs, so who can leave? Who can complain? Who can afford to loose they're job?

She is safe though, as she has an important father!

We have a death of Zoe.Then we have a death of another girl, both deaths a carbon copy of each other although the time zone in between is distance.

Getting into the mind of a certain character in the book was weird, eerie and creepy.

I just don't want to give the game away in this book 2 as its so cleverly written and I don't believe in spoilers.

I have to say........the conclusion of this book has left it WIDE OPEN and its not the usual cliff hanger in a book, but it has its GASPING factor.

A really enjoyable read.

* my thanks go to the author for trusting me to read and review this giving my honest opinion *

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