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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Threshold by G. M. Ford

ThresholdThreshold by G. M. Ford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


We get to meet Detective Sergeant Mickey Dolan. I found him a loyal, good working, 'wanna get to the bottom of things' kinda guy. BUT his marriage had ended, his wife had gone off with someone else, another woman, so that must have taken a bit of a knock on his self esteem. PLUS he is known for using excessive force, so been reprimanded about this.

Hes on a case now that he can really get his teeth into because there are some underlying things here that only a hard unfeeling person would be able to ignore, once again he goes "all out". When children + abuse are given in the same sentence, who could ignore that??

There is a whole heap of things happening here.

We have the story from Detective Sergeant Mickey Dolan side and all that is happening there, and then it flicks to Grace and her daughter who has some "powers" who runs a home for women who need to escape from their abusive husbands. Because it flicks from one 'stage' to another, I felt like I was going back a page or two to make sure I hadn't missed out a page! For me, the layout could have been better spaced between which 'platform' we are on.
Just a little less confusing.

I give it a STRONG 4 stars though as it really kept my attention, so much so, I started it last night and finished it this morning.

I really want to thank Thomas & Mercer for giving me freedom to choose any books that come up on Net Galley for me to download and give my honest review, and to the author for writing a really good suspense

Between the end of his marriage and the excessive force complaints against him, Detective Sergeant Mickey Dolan is running out of chances. When a powerful and connected city councilman reports that his wife and two daughters have disappeared, Dolan is assigned the case—knowing full well that his career is riding on the outcome.
While investigating, Dolan meets Eve Pressman and her remarkable daughter, Grace. Gifted with the ability to bring people out of comas, Grace is reluctant to be thrust into the public eye but determined to help those in need. Eve and Grace may know where Councilman Royster’s family is and the terrible truth that sent the three of them into hiding in the first place. Now, Dolan faces the toughest choice of his career: is he still a good cop if he has to do the wrong thing?

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