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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Tempest Torn by Nicole Andrews Moore

Tempest Torn (New Hope, #2)Tempest Torn by Nicole Andrews Moore
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book 2 of the series literally picks up where the first one finished.

Joey hooked me in the first book, hook line and sinker as I said before, he is just him, what you see is what you get, but in the part of the story he annoyed the hell out of me, I wanted to kick him in the shins!

HE'S CHOSEN THE WRONG WOMAN!! C'mon Joey, stop using your thingamajig to make your choices and let your heart rule your head man!!!

He soon realizes what he has done, but oh boy, has he burnt his bridges where Marty is concerned, its his own fault.I had no sympathy for him and every sympathy for her.

There is a turn in this book, something that is gonna shock you to the did me.

I have given this 3.07 stars, simply because it drew out a lot of emotions for me, although there were some downsides for me in the book [for example: Joey and Marty's chemistry seemed to have lost some sparkle, and, the fact the Marty forgave too quickly, and can Joey be that bad with no guts and spine?]

Apart from that, the urge to read more in this series still burns just as bright for me.

A night of passion. A raging fire. A home destroyed.

The sun returned and Joey and Marti felt they had turned a corner in their relationship. Only when they turned that corner, they ran right into the insurance adjustor, Finn. She wasn't just any woman, though. She was the one woman Joey always believed he’d spend the rest of his life with, but they couldn’t make it work. Soon it was obvious that she didn’t just want to adjust the value of the house, but remind Joey of the value of their relationship, and adjust his attitude about the future.

Suddenly, Joey struggles to choose between two women…one who has never and would never hurt him and one that his heart can’t let go despite the hurt. He’s not the only one with a choice to make. Never again will Marti allow anyone to make her question her own worth.

A tempest brewed. A man is torn. A woman refuses to wait.

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