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Monday, 23 March 2015

Since All Is Passing by Elizabeth Delisi

Since All Is PassingSince All Is Passing by Elizabeth Delisi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh this had my attention right at the beginning of the book. As a lot of followers, authors and friends know, I ADORE a book that grabs my attention right away, I hate struggling until it all goes together, this one was INSTANT and I mean, right away.

Without giving too much away it starts off with an accident.
She looses her husband and her unborn child.

Each morning Marie is sat in the same cafe having her coffee etc and each morning there is a little girl with her friends walking by on their way to school. She waves.

One morning one of the girls stops, something has taken her attention, then a car stops..........
It looks like they are asking for directions, so the girl gets closer to the car......
Marie witnesses an abduction...

It was really thrilling.

If I had ONE downside [for me] to this story it was the fastness of how the Police Officer [Chris] became involved with Marie enough to judge her mental state of disbelieving something that Marie had informed him about. That bit seemed odd and hurried.

I thought the ending was good, the way it all come together was superb and I didn't hesitate one bit in wanting to get to the bottom of what had happened, if the girl would be alive or not, what would happen to Marie, and did Chris and her get together. Who was the culprit who grabbed the girl.

On the whole I enjoyed this and I am glad the author allowed me to read it. I am looking forward to reading more from her.

A fast-paced thriller that will keep you up all night, Since All is Passing is the story of a woman who metamorphoses into a strong survivor after years of numbness.

Marie Kenning is stunned when a little girl is pulled into a battered old Mustang right in front of her eyes one morning. She is paralyzed with shock and reacts too slowly to save the red-haired girl.

When she reports the kidnapping to the police, handsome Officer Chris Whitley is assigned to the case-and he becomes the first man to make Marie forget the death of her own child and husband.

Upon learning that the little girl is likely dead, Marie, tortured by the guilt of being unable to help the child, leaves town on sabbatical. In an odd turn of events, she stumbles upon the kidnapper and the very-much-alive little girl. When the authorities are reluctant to come to her assistance-now suspecting her as having something to do with the kidnapping-Marie embarks on a dangerous chase to save the child.

As Marie races against time to save the girl, Chris Whitley struggles to convince his fellow authorities to come to her assistance before it is too late.

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