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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Simon's Fel by P. R. Page

Simon's FelSimon's Fel by P. R. Page
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I would like to thank Troubador Publishing Ltd via Net Galley for the copy of this book for me to read and review.

Its been on my list of TBR books for a while.

Its an interesting concept.

For two years Lissy has been locked in an abusive marriage, when her husband died, it was two years later when she woke up one morning and decided to 'live her life' get out of her home and sell it, a town house, so she goes to the Estate Agents and talks to them, the wants to sell it lock stock and barrel with furnishing, and low and behold he has just the right buyer. The person? He works there, out he comes and they do a deal.


She decides to go to Devon where the cottage she wants is still empty although run down she has always seen herself living there.

Fair enough

I did find the story line too predictable, fairytale [ish] and totally astounding that everything Lissy wants, everything Lissy decides all fall into place.

Its a lot of narration, not much dialogue at all and for me the story fell flat a lot of the time.

I could see this book doing well if it had some difficulties in it, some spanners and obstacles thrown in the works she had to get herself out of.
That there was more chatting with each characters and that the village she lives in starts to open up with characters coming into her life maybe and seeing her alter a bit. I just felt EVERYTHING seemed a little too far fetched.

That is my honest viewpoint the this story and no reflection directly to the authors writing or attack intended, just my opinion.

For two years she had been locked in a prison of unhappiness, then guilt and remorse, but now she was free of all that.

Two years after the death of her abusive husband, Lissy wakes up one morning, finally realising that her life can be her own once again. The guilt and recriminations of the last two years have finally faded away. The memories of cruel mental bullying and brutal physical treatment from her late husband and the constant haranguing from her mother have become insignificant. She decides to sell her London townhouse and buy her dream home in Devon.

She knew with absolute certainty that she had to get out of London and head west to start her new life.

Lissy unearths the magazine in which she had first seen the advert of the cottage for sale; this is where she should be; this is where she will live her new life. She cannot envisage, at this point, that anything could stop her. She arrives in Devon, having discovered the cottage was still for sale, although derelict. She excitedly explores it, imagining how it will look once renovated. But Lissy has no inclination of the heartache that will result from the white shadow that fleetingly passes across the kitchen window. It is a moment that will irrevocably change her life...

Simon’s Fel is a gripping work of adult fiction that will appeal mainly to female readers.

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