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Friday, 20 March 2015

Poppy's Dilemma by Nancy Carson

Poppy's DilemmaPoppy's Dilemma by Nancy Carson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely love and adore books like this. This is where my love for reading first started at the grand age of 16 years old, many moons ago now......apart from the school books you HAVE to read.

This kind of story will never ever die. Catherine Cookson, Katie Flynn type books that so many of us love.

What a flair this author has for writing! My Kindle said it would take 10 hours to read, and I was like....oh my gosh, that's a big book, but today in no time at all I have been reading this book on and off since I started it last night. I even took it in my car just in case I get half an hour or so.

Poppy. Here she is a young teenager who lives with her family among the working people of that area who worked hard and played hard once they got their pay packet. Men/fathers went to the pub/tavern and drank, etc felt they were entitled to their pleasures. This however left the family struggle through the week to feed their families.

Poppy's Father was such a man. In the place where he was drinking he got into some bother, innocently and the Police were after him, he was arrested along with one of his co workers.
After his group of collegues got him out of the cell where he was awaiting to go to the Magistrates court he had to leave his family, or he would be re arrested, charged and sent to 'the other side of the world'. So he had no choice but to leave his family behind hoping they were going to be cared for by a friend for a bit until he got himself a job.

This left his wife struggling, Poppy was just a young teenage girl. She had a friend who was; well, let me say, well versed in womanly ways! at a teenage age which Poppy was just the opposite of.

Poppy's life becomes hard, she ends up with a husband she doesn't love, a life she doesn't want.

Then later in the story that develope's Poppy is face with a dilemma of her own.

This is a story of family life around hard working families, loyalty, and choices in life that sometimes are not of our making and out of our hands. We do what we feel is best 'at that time'.

I really enjoyed this book, and will definitely be seeking out more from this author as she writes them.

Can I thank HarperCollins, Maze via Net Galley along with the author Nancy Carson for keeping me entertained in the reading of this lovely book

From the newest name in saga writing comes a tale of one girl’s brave escape from a world of poverty in her search for true love.
Poppy Silk is the daughter of a railroad worker in the Midlands. The world around her is violent, immoral and poverty stricken. But despite being penniless and unschooled, Poppy is determined to escape the squalor, and a future cleaning up after a husband she doesn’t love.
Robert Crawford, a handsome engineer she encounters one day, is like no one she’s ever met. As he teaches her to read, feelings blossom. But life is not kind to Poppy. Robert is promised to another and Poppy can’t afford the luxury of hope. At a heartbreaking cross-roads, she must decide…is true love worth risking everything for?

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