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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Maggie's Miracle by Karen Kingsbury

Maggie's Miracle (The Red Gloves, #2)Maggie's Miracle by Karen Kingsbury
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is book 2 in the Red Glove series. I had read book 1 some years ago.

Maggie and Jordan Wright

Maggie lost her husband in death after a sudden heart attack.
Jordan their son lost a Father.

Maggie is trying hard to get through each and every day without her husband and to support her son through his emotions too, he is only 8 years old.

The love that Maggie had for her departed husband was not like the love of a wife.
Then enters Casey Cummins who lost his wife and child 2 years previously.

This is a sweet Christmas romance that warms your heart as only Karen Kingsbury stories can.

I was lucky to receive this book to read and review from FaithWords / Center Street via Net Galley.

Megan Wright spent just a week with him the summer of their 14th year. But despite a lifetime of heartache and bad choices, she never let go of young Kade's magical definition of love. After college Megan settled for a relationship of convenience. Now it's been two years since her husband's death and she is a high-powered attorney, looking for help with her lonely young son. Across town, Casey Cummins is still dealing with the three-year-old tragic loss of his wife. His search for meaning and hope leads him to contact the Manhattan Children's Organization, who connect him with a fatherless child. Now life is suddenly taking a series of unusual twists. How could Megan know that the teenage boy from all those years ago actually kept his promise? Or that the miracle she prayed for as a girl is only a breath away? The prayers of her little boy are about to be answered, and in a strange and mysterious way that only heaven in all its glory could've brought about. 

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