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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Coming Home to You by Liesel Schmidt

Coming Home to YouComing Home to You by Liesel Schmidt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book from Carina UK via Net galley in exchange for an honest review.

I'm going to start off by saying, if you want a poignant read, which can be heart breaking, but then as we move on we get some fun moments, unbelievable moments and pure lunatic moments, crazy and "WTF" moments, then this is for you! I LOVED IT.

Taking a break from some indepth reading I have been doing recently I thought I would switch and do a little light chick lit reading. This book didn't disappoint.

Zoë and her fiancé Paul were a unit, a future family with everything ahead of them until Paul dies. He died suddenly leaving Zoë so utterly devastated, she looks around their home they shared and all the reminders are there, each and every day. Now what is she left to do.

When it was suggested she take a break and do some house sitting for a complete stranger she has never met, but would be helping out her friends...friend...she couldn't refuse, could she? Knowing that it may be the complete break she needs for now, she agrees.

Primarily, this is Zoë walking not only through an actual real new door, but also through a preverbal new door, a door that leads to her new life.

I liked this book. OK there were some WHAT THE HECK moments, unbelievable moments, but it was recovered with some amusing moments; so on the whole I enjoyed this read.

When one door closes…

Zoë and her fiancé Paul had everything ahead of them. So when Paul dies suddenly, Zoë doesn’t recognise the life she’s left with. Helping a friend by housesitting for a stranger is the last thing she wants to do – but she can’t deny that she needs time away from the memories which crowd her flat. So, collecting the keys, Zoë lets herself into her temporary home.

…another one opens.

Surrounded by a stranger’s belongings – his toothbrush, his favourite records, the pictures on his walls – Zoë begins to build a picture of the flat’s owner, Neil, who is away in the military. Driven by a need to know more, Zoë begins writing to Neil and finds herself feeling an unlikely connection with him. But while some people are destined to share our lives forever, others are sent simply to help us on the way. And for Zoë, a new life is just beginning…

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