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Monday, 2 March 2015

A Mother's Duty by June Francis

A Mother's DutyA Mother's Duty by June Francis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

June Francis is a brilliant author in writing stories like this. These are the kind of books that will never leave me, I started reading books like this when I was 16, a long time ago now!! And although my taste in books has widened out, I will never forget where my love of reading came from. Such ones as Catherine Cookson, in the same sort of style.

Here we have a Mother, widowed, raising her boys. Kitty Ryan has a lot of hard work to get through, not only raising, teaching and molding her children, she runs an Hotel almost single handed.

She has not time for romance. But you know, when you least expect it, someone walks into your life and just sweeps you off your feet. This is what happened to Kitty.

Not all goes smooth though.

Kitty is in love with John, Kitty loves her boys, John respects her boys.

BUT her boys, doesn't want John anywhere near their Mother.

That's when things start to unfold.

I would imagine its very hard for children to accept another man in Mothers life. As equally its hard for the man. Being piggy in the middle as Kitty is, what is going to happen? Her boys, or her second chance of happiness or is there a middle ground.

I loved reading this, I read it in one sitting as it was an easy read.

I would like to thank Random House UK, Ebury Publishing for allowing me the pleasure of reading my advanced copy

A family at war...

Raising three boys and running the Arcadia Hotel almost single-handed are enough to keep widow Kitty Ryan busy. She has no time for romance – unless it’s in the form of a rare evening out at the local picture house.

Then along comes John Mcleod, bringing with him a second chance at happiness. However, Kitty finds her sons unwilling to accept another man into their household.

Unless she can reunite her menfolk, the future looks set to be that of a family in conflict, in a world on the eve of war..

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