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Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Killing of Mummy's Boy by Joan Ellis

The Killing of Mummy's BoyThe Killing of Mummy's Boy by Joan Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Doesn't the title make you wonder what its all about? It did me.
Then I read the blurb which pulled me in even more.

I was lucky to receive this book from the author for my honest and open review.

If you check, I read a LOT and sometimes a book stands out, sometimes it blurs into a very good book but not outstanding in any way, however, I found this to be outstanding in its sequences of events.

We had Sandra whose son witnessed a murder. Because he stood up and informed the Police he appeared in court against the perpetrator, the perpetrator was part of a well know tough crime incorporated family, so he would be in fear of his own life. He is persuaded to go under Witness protection. He felt it was him being punished and he wasn't too happy about this. Neither was his Mom Sandra, but alas, it had to be done....right?

The other situation is Sandra is travelling on a train when Ben picks up a conversation with her. He opening tells her within that conversation that he had slit someone's throat.

I would have ran for the hills! But the story doesn't develop like this, it takes a twist.

It clearly was a page turner for me, it didn't loose its pace throughout.

I just have a few misgivings with the editing and layout of paragraphs and some spelling/grammer.

This is only one of three of the authors books, so I am bearing that in mind and feel that she has a lot to give in the authors sphere and readers enjoyable reading of her books.

Would I read another from her? Yes I would, I thought this was a well developed book.

What you're about to read is based on a chance meeting I had with self-confessed murderer on a train. During the 60 minute journey, I was disgusted, terrified and shocked but never bored. He asked me to get off at the next stop and run away with him. I didn't, but from the safety of the pages of my new novel, I gave it a try.


‘I slit someone’s throat,’ the man told the woman on the 4.20 from Waterloo to Portsmouth.’ 

Two strangers. One shared interest. Murder. Ben slit a man’s throat. Sandra’s son, Carl witnessed a murder. 

With Carl on a Witness Protection Programme, Sandra fled London to live anonymously in a remote village on the Isle of Wight where she becomes increasingly isolated and vulnerable. Terrorised by an unknown stalker, the police are unable to help and she turns to Ben. What makes a respectable, middle-aged woman want to sleep with a killer? 

More importantly, can the relationship give her the love she craves and help Ben find redemption? 

Hate, fear and lies boil over in a page-turner with love at its black heart.

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