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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Someone Else's Conflict by Alison Layland

Someone Else's ConflictSomeone Else's Conflict by Alison Layland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was contacted by Honno Publishers to see if I would like to read any of their books after making contact with this author Alison Layland. One of the books they sent me for me to agree reading was this one.

I love reading new authors that are up and coming, I never know what I am open to. Just sometimes you read a book that stands out. THIS one did.

In all honesty, I love a book that has a lot of chatting in it and not so much narration, that's just my personal choice, however, I must say this, at the beginning of the book there was a lot of narration, but of course, it was laying the foundation of the book.

When the characters came into play I was well away.

Jay comes from Yugoslavia, I liked Jay, I could vision him busking his way around the world and telling his wonderful stories. I thought him a likable character with a lot of hidden depth. He tries to hide his guilty past, but will he be able to completely run from it?

Marilyn is a lovely woman who takes Jay in, he is doing some work for her. He is used to sleeping in his tent in a sleeping bag in all winds and weathers, but she takes him into her house in the spare bedroom.

Her previous relationship was very controlling, so I guess she wants to be in control of her life now and her own destiny. We see how strong she is as time goes on in the book.

There are a LOT of discoveries along the way in this book.

The story picked up for me about just over halfway through and then it was like entering a race, my pages on my Kindle were flipping forward and forward right until the end. I kid you not!

I am British, and the author is also. So being based around familiar places that I knew or heard of was a pleasant experience for me too.

This is an author I am going to be stalking!

I really loved this book.

If someone said, why not 5 stars.

Well for me......Like I said, I love to 'jump' right into a book from the first page, or at least the first 2 chapters, it didn't happen that way for me, I had to go much further, but once I did, I was buried alive and didn't come out until the ending.

The boy looks up and sees the foreigner's rifle aimed at him. Why is this man here? This is not his conflict, it is not the boy's... it is hell.

Jay has been home for a long time, but the ghosts of Yugoslavia
are still with him as he busks his way round the country.

Marilyn is fresh out of a controlling relationship and desperate
to reassert her independence. The last thing she needs is to fall
for an itinerant storyteller who has a strange relationship with
the truth. And then the police call on her.

When the past catches up with the present and stories become
reality, Jay and Marilyn must decide who to believe and who
to betray.

A compelling narrative of trust and betrayal, love, loyalty and honour from a talented debut novelist.

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