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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mountain Garden by Will Ottley

Mountain GardenMountain Garden by Will Ottley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mountain Garden by Will Ottley.

When I received a message in my inbox on Goodreads from this author, I wasn't expecting him to ask if I would like for him to send me his book. I was thinking ebook. Then I looked, and I see its mostly based for children, know what? I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Will sent it to me in hardback so I could appreciate its beauty, and wow did I!

I have no young children, my kids are 29 and 31 years old, neither have children of their own yet.

Why did I decide to say "yes" to this author? because he said he was 'selecting' a few reviewers. I felt kinda special LOL how on earth could I say not.

The book arrived today, so I took it with me to read whilst waiting for my daughter at the hospital.

First of all, I need to mention about the cover, its beautiful. The illustrations inside are as equally appealing. I was in awe of the presentation of this book. You really need to purchase this in hardback to appreciate its beauty.

Now onto the story.

"You must win the battle before you fight" I thought these were very wise words I read in this story.

"Withdraw before your advance"
"Love dissolves fear"

Those sentences stood out to me. I think no matter what age you are, there is a message there.

A bat appears and tells Buchran not to eat the berries along the way.
He has to get over some terrible hard obstacles that come into his path.

Buchan once there, what meets him in Mountain Garden is something that is not the end of the road for him.

There is something destroying life and beauty.

"Face your deepest fears"

So when he arrives at Mountain Garden he still has things to learn.

My thoughts:

There are a lot of messages in this book that even us adults can take away from this, we all have challenges in life, we all have things to overcome and the hero is inside yourself.


Highly recommended.

Thanks for the author for asking me to read this, I really, really enjoyed it.

Buckan, a brave young stag, embarks on a journey to find a mythical garden in order to gain the strength to save his fellow deer from the attacking wolves. The journey tests his faith and courage, and forces him to overcome his deepest fears. 
A tale of trust and bravery of heart, this compelling and poetic fable shows the importance of intuition and love.

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