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Monday, 23 February 2015

Midnight Sun by Charlotte Raine

Midnight Sun (A Grant & Daniels Romantic Suspense Trilogy Book 1)Midnight Sun by Charlotte Raine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh how glad I am that this outstanding author Charlotte Raine approached me and asked if I would like to be on her team to receive advanced copies of her books. I felt like the cat that got the cream!

As usual, this author can entice you into her weave the moment she starts tapping away at her first chapter, after that, forget the housework, forget if the dog wants to go out or the cat wants to come in, because you are lost within its unfolding story.

Aaron Grant, I felt so sorry for him, he lost his family in a fire. His emotions were all over the place and he found comfort at the bottom of a bottle. Then, his daughters best friend is discovered kidnapped. Being known as the Town drunk does not reflect on him too well for investigating this case.

FBI Agent Teresa Daniels comes on the scene, they work together. Meanwhile, she gets to work on him too!

There is something going down with the Father of the girl who was kidnapped too, and this comes more to light as you read on.

I thought this was one brilliant read. I had to stick with this as soon as I got partway through, I had to discover what was what, so I read this in one day. It was a story that I kept thinking about and couldn't wait to get back to my Kindle when I had to put it down for a while.

I would like to thank Charlotte Raine for allowing me the chance to read and review her latest book honestly with my own thoughts, feelings and take on it.

If you haven't read any of this authors books yet......why not? If you love a good thriller, this is one good one to read.

Wyatt, Alaska is a place of family, beauty, and unspeakable tragedy. A couple of years after Aaron Grant lost his wife and daughter in a fire, one of his daughter’s best friends, Sarah, is kidnapped. After spending the last two years as the town drunk, he reluctantly investigates the kidnapping along with the ambitious FBI Agent Teresa Daniels. The case takes several twists and turns, which will end up leaving the whole town of Wyatt in the wake of destruction. In the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, the sun never sets during the summer, but the light creates shadows, where anything can creep and kill. 

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