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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Imperfect Strangers by David M. Staniforth

Imperfect StrangersImperfect Strangers by David M. Staniforth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book has been a most gripping, unique, read for me.
Right at the start we meet Keith the night watchman. But he watches more than just the building and making sure its locked up safe and monitored. He is a real weirdo.

We meet Sally and her colleagues in the work place. Sally becomes his main love interest. his obsession.

Let me tell you how Kieth made me feel.
When learning of his upbringing with his Mother I felt so sorry for him. THEN I met two Keith's! I was like....what's going on.
What a cleverly written piece of work this was!
The author allowed up to get right inside Keith's life, but, not only that, but inside his mind too. I'm not sure being in his head was as comfortable a ride as the story developed I wanted to LEAP out of his head and hide myself in a nice warm blanket or disappear under the duvet!

Then my reactions changed, I found him creepy, but also a vulnerability about him. I was left wondering how this was going to play out. He didn't seem to have an awful lot of 'worldly' awareness, or knowledge in a lot of day to day things. He was DEFINITELY ODD.

On his birthday when he decided to make conversation with Sally made me anxious in several areas.

Have you ever worked somewhere and there is this person in the background? You see them most days, you know who they are but you've never spoken to them? They seem a bit weird or shy, you can't decide which. They dress a bit scruffy and unkept? They smell of body odour. But they seem kind.
Well, that's Kieth.

I'm not saying anymore, apart from I didn't expect this! It kept me guessing until towards the end on how this was played out.

A superbly crafted piece of work

I am hoping to read more from this author in the thriller genre

I have to thank the author for gifting me this superbly written book in exchange for my honest review

How well do you know the people you see every day? Sally hardly knows Keith. They're practically strangers until the day she smiles at him. Would you smile so readily if you risked losing your friends? Would you smile so readily if you risked losing your life? Unfortunately, you can’t begin to know a person until you let them in. Imperfect Strangers: A psychological thriller that simmers to a dark and dramatic climax.

Available as both paperback and ebook.

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