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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Do You Want to Play? by Charlotte Raine

Do You Want to Play?Do You Want to Play? by Charlotte Raine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I would like to thank Charlotte Raine in reaching out in our 2 friends promote with authors FB group and 2 friends read along with us, FB Page, without this happening, I may have missed out on a very good read.

I'm a bit of a wimp at times when it comes to certain "thrillers". I hadn't seen the book cover just read the blurb, so when I received the book from the author and then marked it 'to read' on Goodreads it was then I saw the cover!!! All that blood!!!

Its not as bad as my imagination got me to believe.

It had great characters although Detective Tobias Rodriguez did get on my nerves sometimes. At one time I felt like punching him over a reaction and sentence in the book, but I might have got arrested!!! LOL

The PVP Serial Killer was a great plot I thought. For my taste though, I wish there was just a little more enhancement to the story, it seemed to have more toward the end than in the beginning.

On the whole though, because it kept me entertained and because this author has 2 previous other books I would love to have seen more from her growth. As a debut novel this would have been a 4, but its her third book and I've read some awesome debut thriller books lately.

Please note that this is only MY opinion and may not be the same thoughts of others, so please read and enjoy for yourself

Serial killers are riveting because they appear as normal humans—a neighbor, a mailman, a relative—but underneath it all, there is no humanity.

The PVP Killer, named after the three letters that he leaves at his murder scenes, is a new serial killer in Detroit. The only characteristics about the killer that Detective Tobias Rodriguez can determine is that he’s inhumane, unstable, and still bloodthirsty.

Tobias' new partner, Detective Lauren Williams, realizes that the killer is staging his murder scenes like deaths from video games. Tobias is initially unreceptive toward Lauren, but when the killer takes an interest in her, his emotions become tangled and irrepressible.

The murders are set up like games and there are only two ways to finish a game: win or die.

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