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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Orphan Girl by Maggie Hope

Orphan GirlOrphan Girl by Maggie Hope
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the kind of book that first got me into reading seriously many years ago. I can never veer away from this type of read. I loved the late Catherine Cookson, so Maggie Hope is as near to this for me as a few other well known authors that I steer towards now and again to.

Here we have the story of a little girl who is taken in by her aunt. Her aunt wasn't a lover of her sister so we can see the way she treats her little niece, added to this, the aunt is married to a lecher, someone who prays on little girls.

Here this little girl is one day being chastised by her aunt when a lad overhears, winks at her and there starts are bond of friendship.

Many things happen to her, and many things change for the lad. The lad only ever sees her as a little girl as he is quite older than her, but will that always be the way?

There are traumas and events, hardships and experiences of life along the route of this wonderful story. I had to read this in one sitting. Love the tale that was told and very well written by Maggie Hope. One of my fav authors of today.

Orphan Girl, Lorinda is the star in this book.

I would like to thank Random House UK, Ebury Publishing via Net Galley for allowing me full access to read this lovely book

She's no more than an unpaid servant...

Lorinda is only a child when tragedy deprives her of her true family and, sent to live with her aunt in her boarding house, she grows up desperately craving affection.

And although she finds friendship – and even love – in the boarding house, she finally sees a chance to escape her drab surroundings and unkind family. But is a marriage of convenience better than a love that's true?

(Note: previously published as Lorinda Leigh)

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