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Friday, 19 December 2014

Delusion by Tracy Skylar Johnson

Delusion (The Narcissism Novels #2)Delusion by Tracy Skylar Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This is book 2 in this series and the story goes on. We see the domino effect in a BIG way of how an abusive relationship [whether physical or mental] can lead the 'victim' down paths they do not want to go, into dark corners they do not want to experience.

BUT Isobel is a 'victim' of a Mother with Narcissism and also an ex husband with Narcissism, how is she managing this when her son has been living with his father Matt who also has Narcissism and abusive? Will Dylan her son also turn out with this 'personality' trait?

Isobel has not just one, but two battles on her hands. To get Dylan back and show him how much she loves him and to survive the effects all the 'controlling' Narcissism that has been her life for so long.

We see again how Isobel's Mother Cynthia is making up lies, twisting things to make herself look good and her daughter bad. Its not vindictiveness with Narcissism is a Love and Adoration for oneself.

Dylan is involved in an accident. He almost dies. Meanwhile Cynthia is finding all ways to take Dylan off of Isobel. You see this illness Narcissism at work quite openly when Cynthia wants something, and what Cynthia wants is Dylan. You also see the cunningness of it all, and what stood out for me, Isobel's quietly torn down personality for a while.

Don't forget that Dylan is now fighting against this Narcissism, its not at all easy.

Isobel now has a love interest. I wondered how she would cope, how she would look upon this man, how she would see his love for her. In what way the past relationships and her Mother's obvious Narcissism would have an affect on her future relationship. If it would even get off the ground.
Very well written, very interestingly done.

The ending is suprisingly good, I wondered how the book would conclude as its not an easy ride for Isobel and her son Dylan, the strains its put upon Mother and son's relationship.

I am not saying more than this, and not given too much away than what it in the blurb :-)

I have to say though, when I got this book 2 directly from the author Tracy Skylar Johnson to read and review, I was very eager to start it. So I went happily from book 1 straight into book 2.

Highly recommended, this author was not known to me before I read these books, the story interested me and the blurb and interest certainly lived up to my expectations, more so.

This is an author who I would love to have approach me at any time to ask me to read for them and give my honest opinion as the taste of this gives me an appetite for more.

Thank you Tracy Skylar Johnson.

Who are you? Isobel wonders about the narcissists close to her
And why do you get so much pleasure making me suffer?

Almost crushed by her abusive ex and another narcissistic relationship, Isobel is terrified to find herself falling in love again. How can she trust her romantic choices, even if this one seems perfect? As she carefully delves into relationship, the horrors of the past are waiting to engulf her once more.
Her beloved son, Dylan, has a near fatal accident and Isobel fights parental alienation from his father, while Cynthia, her narcissist mother, invents even more heinous stories to discredit her daughter and steal the Golden Child.
And now Dylan battles his own fallout from narcissistic abuse.
How far will Isobel go to recover her child and will she ever be able to trust to love once more?

DELUSION is Book 2 of The Narcissism Novels, the continuing history of Isobel's journey to understand how living close to narcissists has almost destroyed her life. Her romance continues but can it survive its unethical root and Isobel's fear of failure?
The first book in the series is ILLUSION

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