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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Seventh Mother by Sherri Wood Emmons

The Seventh MotherThe Seventh Mother by Sherri Wood Emmons
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have just got to give this full stars. I was captivated by this read right from page one.

I expected something completely different to what I got! It was so much better than what I imagined it to be.

Here we have a little girl who lives in the trailer with her Father. They travel from town to town, city to city as he goes where the work is.

Winter time, Summer time they go to the lock up where he stores their clothes for each seasons needs.

When he meets a girl in a diner and they 'hit it off' it doesn't take long before he moves her in.

His daughter is used to his 'friends' and non of them stay that long.

There are so many twists in this story that you will get dizzy. I tell you, this is one book you don't want to miss.

I'm laid up in bed at the moment and I finished this within 4 hours even though it said on my Kindle it will take me 8 hours, its a superb story.

I was given this book to read and review from Kensington Books Via Net galley who I would like to thank.

A young girl searches for a mother's love amid unfolding secrets, in this riveting and emotionally complex novel from acclaimed author Sherri Wood Emmons. The summer that her father falls in love with Emma, Jenny Bohner is just turning eleven. Jenny was three when her mother died, and since then Brannon Bohner has traveled with his daughter from one seasonal job to another, picking up girlfriends along the way. Cara, Ami, Trish--all were sweet and kind, but none ever stayed for long. Somehow Emma is different, traveling with them from Idaho to Kentucky, filling Jenny with hopes of a real family at last.

Emma's warmth and optimism are contagious, defusing Brannon's flashes of temper and making their first weeks together everything Jenny has dreamed of. Yet something still troubles her, surfacing through years of memories--tempting her from within boxes Jenny has been told never to touch, filled with hidden mementoes from long ago. And somewhere among them Jenny will find answers that compel her to choose--between the home she longs for, the love she craves, and the hard truth she can no longer ignore. . .

Praise for the novels of Sherri Wood Emmons

The Weight of Small Things
"Emmons writes beautifully about women, friendship and choices, and engagingly chronicles the long friendship that becomes a mutual lifeline." --"The Sunday Star Ledger"

The Sometimes Daughter
"Emmons has a keen grasp of the difficulties of mother-daughter dynamics. . .an intimate story." --"Publishers Weekly"

"Teens who appreciated Lauren Myracle's Bliss or autobiographies by Augusten Burroughs and Jeannette Walls of dysfunctional family survivors should also enjoy this novel." "School Library Journal"

Prayers and Lies
"A rich story of the triumph of love and decency." Sandra Dallas, author of "Prayers for Sale"

"A strong debut. . .Emmons has a rich voice that pairs well with the earthy setting. . .and the characters are wonderfully drawn." "Publishers Weekly"

"Surely Sherri Wood Emmons is the freshest new voice I've read in a long while. Read "Prayers and Lies," and hold on tight! You are in for an unforgettable literary ride!" --Ann Hood, author of "The Red Thread""

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