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Monday, 24 November 2014

HIS SECRET DAUGHTER a romance novel you won't be able to put down by Emma Bennet

HIS SECRET DAUGHTER a romance novel you won't be able to put downHIS SECRET DAUGHTER a romance novel you won't be able to put down by Emma Bennet
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When the author approached me and asked me if I would like to read this. I took a look at the blurb and thought it sounded like something I might enjoy.

I did enjoy it. It doesn't take much effort to read, its free flowing and moves along well. I can't say its a story that hasn't been written about before time and again, but Emma Bennet made the books storyline her own and put her slant on it.

Of course, the books title gives it away HIS SECRET DAUGHTER, so you can imagine its a Father who didn't know he was a Dad to a daughter. Its not as straight forward a story as you would imagine and there are good reasons why he didn't know.

Like I say, its a free flowing story, nice easy Sunday afternoon read.

Iris is falling in love with the father of her child. The only problem is she never told him they had a daughter 
“What a great read! I loved this book and read the whole thing in one session.” Beth Boyd 

“Will Iris lose her daughter? Or will she find the love she’s always longed for?” Lucy Andrews 

“Iris, Sergio, and Paolo should be a great family, but she can’t trust him, and he’s too arrogant to ever back down over anything.” Sarah Chambers 

A romance novel that you won’t be able to put down 
Iris Brown is a single parent doing her best to raise her beautiful two-year-old daughter, Paola. But when Sergio, Paolo’s father, a dashing-but-arrogant Spanish businessman comes back on the scene everyone’s lives are thrown into chaos. She fears he may take Paola away from her. Iris must decide what’s best for her and her daughter, and whether she can ever trust Sergio again. 

He broke her heart once. Will she let him do it again? 

Emma Bennet is the author of “The Green Hills of Home” a stunning romance set in the beautiful Welsh countryside. It has received fantastic reviews averaging 4.7 stars on Amazon UK. 

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