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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Her Heart's Desire by Vivienne Dockerty

Her Heart's DesireHer Heart's Desire by Vivienne Dockerty
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I requested to read this from Troubador Publishing Ltd via Net Galley some time ago and just came across it so I sat to read it.

This made a refreshing change to my usual choices and wondered how long I had requested this, it was back last year!

My tastes in reads have varied since then, however, I did find this a satisfying read, poignant and heartbreaking at times, but the ending was sweet.

I did actually enjoy it :)

Lily patted him on the arm kindly.
“You are bound to find a young woman worthy of your adoration one day, Charlie. I am most flattered that you think of me in that way.”
“But not enough to allow me to ask permission to court you?”
“Of course not, dear Charlie. You and I would never do.”

Her Heart’s Desire is another Dockerty saga based on Vivienne’s family tree, set in Victorian Merseyside in 1893.

Eighteen year old Lily is spoilt and petted by her father. She spurns the love of Charlie, a twenty-one year old shipyard worker. A courtship from a boy with his lowly background would never do. Lily has her heart set on marrying her cousin Lawrence Patterson, a sea captain with whom Lily has fallen in love.

But Lawrence marries Bertha, Lily’s older sister, and Lily, unable to have her heart’s desire, marries Army officer Roland instead. Charlie, who is left bereft when his beloved marries another, finds himself burdened with Mary, a wife who can be cruel and manipulative, causing him to up sticks and make a new life for himself elsewhere.

By 1903 both have been widowed. Roland has been killed in the Boer War and Mary died in childbirth. Will fate bring Lily and Charlie back together? Only time will tell...

Her Heart’s Desire will appeal to fans of Vivienne Dockerty’s work and those that enjoy historical romance fiction. Vivienne is inspired by Katie Flynn and Maureen Lee and her writing style emulates the work of Dilly Court.

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