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Thursday, 23 October 2014

What It Was Like by Peter Seth

What It Was LikeWhat It Was Like by Peter Seth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had such high hopes for this story. I really wanted to love it. I really tried to get into this but it was such a hard struggle at the beginning. I kept on going though in the hope that I would see the light of where the author Peter Seth was going with this.

I get it. I get the love story in it, I get the obsession, but what I didn't get was the hope for something to be revealed, I kept saying to myself "Right, something is going to go BANG soon and its all going to take off" I repeated that so many times when it seemed we were leading somewhere, alas, it never happened for me.

Its well written, but I just don't see any real climax there.

Unless the climax was where he was lusting after her, I really couldn't say he was 'madly in love' how could you? but yes, obsessive compulsive behavior leading into a false entrapment of belief this is 'love'? Maybe? I just didn't see it probable.

I received my copy from The Story Plant via Net Galley in exchanged for an unbiased and honest review on my part

“It’s really a very simple story. What happened was this: I met this girl and did a very stupid thing. I fell in love. Hard. I know that to some people that makes me an idiot and a loser. What can I say? They’re right. I did some extremely foolish things; I’m the first to say it. And they’ve left me in jail and alone.”

So begins one of the most compelling, emotionally charged, and affecting novels you are likely to read this year.

It is the summer of 1968 and a young man takes a job at a camp in upstate New York before starting his first semester at Columbia University. There, he meets Rachel Price, a fellow counselor who is as beautiful as she is haunted. Their romance will burn with a passion neither of them has ever known before…a passion with the power to destroy.

In the tradition of Endless Love and Gone GirlWhat it was Like is an intimate, raw, and revealing journey through the landscape of all-consuming love. It announces the debut of a remarkable storyteller.

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