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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Friends in Dark Corners by Jill H. O’Bones

Friends in Dark CornersFriends in Dark Corners by Jill H. O’Bones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am so glad I met Maxine another reading buddy of mine online. She was the one that introduced me to this author. It seemed a bit dark for me, but boy oh boy was I glad I contacted this author and took the chance. I would have sorely missed out on a very well written book like no other I have read in a long time.

Jessie had a difficult birth, she was know as the death child. I found that a horrid way for her Grandfather to be towards her let alone others in her family. The cruelty she endured throughout her life and school life was horrible. The author hasn't gone into great detail. Whether this is in the respects for the reader or she felt it didn't need to be elaborated, I am not sure, but what I do know is, I did read between the lines.

Jessie comes close to death seven times.

Jessie has a hard time remembering exactly what has happened to her so, when she wakes up from a coma, which was many years later she was shocked! Shocked to find how many years she had been laying there.

She dreams of 'terrors' 'nightmares' and a chap named Dean who seems to always be there to keep her safe.

A doctor suggested she used an imaginary door to walk through in her dream to 'escape' the awful terrors that grip her.

There were a lot of 'flashbacks' in this story which was fine for me to follow, however, when the Supernatural element came in I did start to become a bit twittery as anything like that gives me the goose bumps BIG TIME, so I gritted my teeth and knew this was to be read as it was relevant to the storyline.

Trouble is, I got a little lost at times. Eventhough I got lost it didn't take long to find my way home and back to making sense somewhat to what was happening to Jessie.

On a personal note:

I found this book very well written. I followed everything apart from the supernatural element in it, I am not sure if that was my prejudice towards supernatural, or whether it was a bumpy ride between the flashbacks, the up to date to the twists and turns, its a book well worth your time and attention.

I look forward to reading more from this author.

Thank you Jill H O'Bones for allowing to read this book and give my honest thoughts on it.

Jessie knows she has knocked on death’s door for a seventh time when she wakes up in a nursing home, and she can feel the night terrors that have been tormenting her since she was three were waiting.

The dream door she had been hiding behind will not open, but a new friend shows her another way and the Terrors are furious.
They are coming, but not in her dreams, and they will never give up

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