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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Searching for Grace by Juliann Rich

Searching for GraceSearching for Grace by Juliann Rich
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The start of this book keeps you guessing. This young man is obviously in hospital but at the moment doesn't recognize where he is or how he got there.......

It flicks back in time before this, leading up to why and how he landed in there.

We learn that Johnathon had attending a camp before going back to school, something happened at the camp that he doesn't want come to light. Hes not ready.

We can guess pretty clearly from the start what it is, and we see him struggle. Johnathon is sort of ready to accept his sexuality, however, hes not comfortable revealing this to everyone. Hes just not quite there yet.

It seems there are rumors and we read suggestive comments from his peers. Do they know?

Paranoia is where you think everyone is talking about you but they are not.
Hell is when you think someone is talking about you and they are"

He's scared, vulnerable and just wants to be accepted. He's also strong in other ways and won't be forced into anything he doesn't want to.

He's highly involved in his sport, this takes a big part in the storyline too.

Ian, his friend has all sorts of hang ups, he was ousted out of his parents home because of his sexuality.
This has left him quite an angry person and Johnathon is aware of this.

He is learning that being accepted is one thing, accepting himself is another.

We flip back to the hospital bed in and out too.

If you know of any young person struggling with this issue, this is a good book to read, it really delves into the mindset, thoughts and emotions of Johnathon and what he had to put up with and where you can be the other side.

I have never read a book like this before so this was an experience.

There were times when I was cringing with the inuendo's from his peers, I had to keep reminding myself this was a young boy and these were young people. Not that this was an excuse.

I gave this a 3 star because although I enjoyed it, I felt a bit lost at times in the book. I think it was when the Mother was painting the kitchen, when she hugged him he asked her something and she didn't reply, I didn't feel that was explained much.

And too with the Father.

Maybe it was me, but I felt there was underlying things there that could have been broadened on towards the beginning instead of waiting for later. But his of course is MHO and we all have our own POV.

Then again.....I haven't read book 1, so that probably is the reason.

I read this for the authors blog tour.

Camp is over and Jonathan Cooper returns home—to life with his mother whose silence is worse than anything she could say, to his varsity soccer teammates at East Bay Christian Academy, to the growing rumors about what he did with a boy last summer at Bible camp.

All the important lines blur. Between truth and lies. Between friends and enemies. Between reality and illusion.

Just when Jonathan feels the most alone, help arrives from the unlikeliest of sources: Frances "Sketch” Mallory, the weird girl from his art class, and her equally eccentric friend, Mason. For a short while, thanks to Sketch and Mason, life is almost survivable. Then Ian McGuire comes to town on the night of the homecoming dance and tensions explode. Fists fly, blood flows, and Jonathan—powerless to stop it—does the only thing he believes might save them all: he prays for God’s grace.

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