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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Violent Vows by Mark Elswick

I agreed with the author that I would read and give a fair honest review of this book. 

I usually read books before looking at any reviews on Amazon as I don't like my reviews to be rethought over someone else's thoughts or ideas [I do tend to read them after though!]

I'm not sure what to make of this.

Its well written in that it flows well. But it was slow paced, I felt like geeing it up a bit. I got lost on more than one occasion too and had to keep going back over my progress. I then made the mistake of reading the few reviews on Amazon. I can only say, they are not very pleasant on the UK site and it seems to be some sort of personal tug between whether this is a true story or fiction. The author quotes 'fiction' but the reviews say that there is a 'true' account coming out soon. I'm a bit baffled. 
So I went on and read the same reviews there.

Its saying about legal issues. Well, that is non of my business. So I'll merit this book on fiction.

Not too bad, but slow to pick up.

If it is a true story, then I would be looking at this story in a different light. 

So I really don't know what to say.

*Authors Note* This novel is a work of fiction and should be viewed as such. 18+ Due to Strong Language, Drug Use and Violence. 

A Newlywed’s Nightmare 

As a struggling, divorced mother, Anna was barely keeping her family above water. Abandoned by her first husband, the four of them were quickly sinking in the quicksand of life. 

Then, she met Victor, a real Prince Charming; eternal happiness seemed to be falling into place. The 29-year old was a professional bodybuilder, extremely wealthy, an eligible bachelor, Secret Service Agent, and every woman’s dream. 

Anna and her children were being swept away in a luxurious lifestyle like they had never seen. In no time, Victor bought her a new car, house, and huge diamond ring as he subtly took control of every aspect of their lives. In Hollywood-like fashion, the couple was married in four months and became a real family. Frankly, her life had become too good to be true. 

However, was it, indeed, too good? 

When their sacred vows turned violent, her newfound, fairy-tale life quickly became a nightmarish Hell on Earth. As their marriage became a matter of life and death, only two questions remained. 

How long would Anna selfishly continue to ignore the warning signs? 

Would the next sadistic statistic of domestic violence be Anna or any of her children?(

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