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Saturday, 16 August 2014

That Night: A Novel by Chevy Stevens

That Night: A NovelThat Night: A Novel by Chevy Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just so enjoyed this book. From cover to cover it didn't fail to hold my attention, so much so, its one of those stories that when you have to put it down because real life gets in the way, you can't wait to pick it up again to see what happens next.

Toni is your typical young lady. OK she did a couple of nutty things, one of them whilst with her boyfriend. This led on to her parents no trusting her.

Toni seems to me to have a better relationship with her Dad than her Mom. Her Mom seems to be always on her back, they don't seem to see eye to eye. Toni seems to be the one that her Mom sees as a 'difficult' child while her sister Nicole seems to be the 'golden girl'.

There is a complete turn around later in this book.

Ryan is Toni's boyfriend, he loves her so much, and she him. One night everything goes wrong, everything! And everyone's life is a mess. Everyone is blaming Toni and Ryan, even her Mother, her Father tried to have trust.....right up to.........[you will have to read this to find out!]

There were girls at Toni's last Semester that treated and tormented Toni very badly, this fit enormously into the equation.

I really thought I had it all sussed out when it was coming to an end on who did what and when and where, but I never. I was close, but not close enough.

I love Chevy Stevens books and need to read more of the ones I have on my pile.

I would like to thank the author for giving me such a wonderful few hours of entertainment. I would also like to thank St. Martin's Press via Net Galley for providing me with a copy to read/review.

Don't miss out on another wonderful thriller by Chevy Stevens.

As a teenager, Toni Murphy had a life full of typical adolescent complications: a boyfriend she adored, a younger sister she couldn’t relate to, a strained relationship with her parents, and classmates who seemed hell-bent on making her life miserable. Things weren’t easy, but Toni could never have predicted how horrific they would become until her younger sister was brutally murdered one summer night. Toni and her boyfriend, Ryan, were convicted of the murder and sent to prison.Now thirty-four, Toni, is out on parole and back in her hometown, struggling to adjust to a new life on the outside. Prison changed her, hardened her, and she’s doing everything in her power to avoid violating her parole and going back. This means having absolutely no contact with Ryan, avoiding fellow parolees looking to pick fights, and steering clear of trouble in all its forms. But nothing is making that easy—not Ryan, who is convinced he can figure out the truth; not her mother, who doubts Toni's innocence; and certainly not the group of women who made Toni's life hell in high school and may have darker secrets than anyone realizes. No matter how hard she tries, ignoring her old life to start a new one is impossible. Before Toni can truly move on, she must risk everything to find out what really happened that night.But in That Night by Chevy Stevens, the truth might be the most terrifying thing of all. 

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