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Saturday, 30 August 2014

She's Got Her Own by Kem Smith

She's Got Her OwnShe's Got Her Own by Kem Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I would say this is a light Christian based story. Its not at all 'in your face' its just a family that has a religious belief and a faith in God.

Sharay is a career woman, her husband is very much involved with his church. He's hardworking, he provides for his family and is striving for some recognition in his church.
He sees the children as his wife's work, her caring role. Not that he isn't interested he is.

One of her sons is causing a lot of worry, so much so she has been called into a meeting in the school. She's quite shocked as to what has been going on and although her husband her her have talked about home schooling before, no actual concrete decision was ever made, but that day Sharay finds herself deciding to tell them that he won't be returning back to school and she is going to home school him.

We can see the dilemma she is in at her place of week the next day, I feel she loves her job, it makes her a 'person' in her own right. But her son needs her, its her role as a Mother to make sure her son learns some lessons in life and how to behave.

I feel there is some resentment due to the fact she wants more hands on from her husband.

We find that Sharay has some resentment towards the church too, and her husband wants her to put this aside and concentrate on supporting him.
I couldn't help feeling that he didn't see her as a person in her own right, decisions and emotions/feelings that he should have taken on board.

When Sharay was working she earned a lot of money, she was able to subsidize the household budget in a substantial way and didn't have to account to her husband if she wanted her nails done or a hair cut or a new outfit. Now that there is only one wage coming in there is a huge change and her husband is taking more and more of a lead in this. She feels she's loosing control of herself and also their marriage is suffering, they are drifting apart.

This was an excellent read. I was offered to read this book and give it a review from a tour and I am glad I did.

I highly recommend this book its so well written and expanded. I can see this author going a long way.

She Got Here Own by Kem M. Smith is a gripping tale of two people desperately wanting to make their marriage and family work, but wanting to find personal happiness themselves! 
Sharay and Brian are a young couple trying to cope with a big lifestyle change. Sharay is a successful business woman who has quit her job to homeschool her kids. However, raising four children while keeping her faith and sanity has proved to be a bit more than she can handle. Things get even more complicated when an old boyfriend from her past shows up wanting to ignite a new romance he feels still has some spark left. 
Sharay’s husband Brian is a hardworking man who just wants some recognition in church, to see his sons grow up to be strong, successful black men and to have a happy marriage. But he finds his world is slowly crumbling when Sharay doesn’t have the same future in mind. 
Author Kem M. Smith’s Urban Christian Fiction tale of marriage in the modern age is drama filled, pulse pounding and thought provoking. Fans of Christian Fiction will love devouring this urban read they won’t soon forget! 

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