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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hollow by Ava Conway

HollowHollow by Ava Conway
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read and review all the time, I also help blog tour hosts. I agreed to help promote this book on my blog I had no intention of reading this as I have such a lot of books to read already and thought maybe I wouldn't be able to squeeze this in.

Family heart book tours sent out an email, they still needed reviewers, so I jumped into help, this is how I came across reading this book.

NOW let me tell you, I text my book buddy several times over this book [Philomena] I knew she too was going to read this, so I couldn't give her any spoilers, and I am not about to give any spoilers away now.

Its refreshing to read a book like this. Its has substance to the storyline, its unpredictable, its insightful.

We have Lucy, she is a popular girl, has a boyfriend, but she also has a domineering Mother who is trying to push her ahead in life in directions she doesn't want to go. Her Mother is doing this for her OWN benefit and prestige and not for her daughter, we have one Mother here who loves the limelight, loves the cameras, loves everything about 'being noticed' for her causes. Even at the sacrifice of her daughter.

One night, one awful fateful night, something happens which changes her world.

To keep Lucy away from the public eye she has her admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

There is so much I want to tell you about how this story goes, and what happens, and how we see patients helping each other, how we see her fall in love, and how damaged people with no fault of their own can 'grow' and overcome adversity that is most often heaped on from generations past, leaving damaged people as they go.

This was an uplifting tale.

I believe this is book 1, and I would love to read book 2.

If you want a real story, something that is [although fiction] something that does happen in life, something you can get your mind lost in, then I say, pick up this book.

I almost missed out on reading this, now I have Ava Conway on my list of BRILLIANT READS....must follow her books.

I loved how this author made the book flow so well. The ending is not a cliff hanger so you are OK with that! But it certainly leaves you wondering what becomes of Lucy and Jayden, and indeed, the other main characters that played out in this wonderful read.

Lucy White had it all—popularity, an acceptance into a pre-vet program at a prestigious college and a hot boyfriend—until one day something happened that made everything change. Battered and broken, she gives up on life, preferring to waste away at Newton Heights Psychiatric Hospital than to feel the guilt and pain. The hollow feeling inside her heart threatens to swallow her whole, until she meets someone who makes her realize how wonderful a life can be.

As Jayden McCray peels back her defenses, the pain returns, and Lucy is forced to deal with the ghosts of her past. Jayden gives her the strength to face her fears, until his inner demons interfere and threaten to send her back to that dark place from which she came…

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