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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Myself in Blue by Renata F. Barcelos

Myself in Blue (Myself in Blue, #1)Myself in Blue by Renata F. Barcelos
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I could put more star ratings on this book, just let me do it! This is a story that really captures you from page one.

I've never before read a book by this author Renata F Barcelos. I am going to look up all her books and read them. I honestly am.

This author has a unique style, her way of writing is so fluent, its rounded, its pure and it really gets into the heart and soul, no...kidneys, of each and every character in this book that they live right by the side of you.

Scott writes people's biographies. He sits with the person, records what they say, is honest, and before anything goes to his editor he gets the approval of the person who agreed to have their book written.
He's single, he lives in a condo. He has a lovely dog, and that's his life.

The person he is working for to get her book, things turn a bit and she asks him to find one of her daughters, Sunday.

I'm skipping on a bit here, so lets get to the bit of Sunday listening to some of his tape recordings. Those bits enthralled me. It was like I was listening to someone sat next to me relate the story of their life. But it was really Sunday who was learning about her family. It will all become clearer if you purchase this book.

Its not often I rave lately about a book that has really "got to me" but this one certainly did.

This is book 1. I so want book 2.

I notice that Merge, one of her other books is free for download, so guess what! I've just downloaded it. I've also purchased one of her other books. I can't wait to read them.

I have discovered another author that I can stalk! If this book is anything to go by, I am in for some treats :)

I would like to urge you to read this, you won't regret it. It captured me well into the late morning with no sleep!

I am so glad I get involved in some blog tours as I would have surely missed out on this gem of an author.

Romance, redemption, and psychedelic rock in 1989.

Sunday Morning is nineteen and recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She finds it fair: a deathly cancer to pay for her sins.

The fourth of five daughters, Sunday could never overcome the jealousy she felt for her sisters, especially the youngest and her Rett Syndrome with all the attention she required. She knows her resentment and rebellion as a wayward teen brought tragedy to her family, but never learned exactly the extent. Self-exiled in Brazil living a hard life of penitence for five years, she finally feels it's possible to come back and try to mend things.

Scott Goodwin writes bestseller biographies and always dreamed of writing about his idol, Grandma's Eye's vocalist, Iris Morning. The singer and her husband, Douglas Oshiro, have been reclusive since 1984, when their famous psychedelic rock band announced a surprising halt. Scott is thrilled when Iris finally agrees to let him write the book and even more so when she explains why. She hopes the bio will help finding her daughter Sunday and rebuild her shattered family.

It is Sunday, however, who finds Scott. Still too mortified to face her family, she offers her story to Scott in exchange for inside information about them. Scott has no idea how intensely the deal will change their lives when he agrees.

Through her own family's history, from the first Oshiros and Mornings, WWII impact on her ancestors and the struggle to form the band despite Iris’ abusive stepfather—the chain of events that led to the band’s success, the birth of a new generation, and the night that changed everything—Scott will try to show Sunday that nobody is perfect, and perhaps everything happens for a reason.

Sunday and Scott may not have much time, with her diagnosis and the fact that she doesn't feel worthy of redemption, but he will not give up easily. Scott has become Sunday’s only link to the past, and perhaps her only chance to have a future

I have just seen how cheap this book is, I have seen more expensive books from new authors not even as good as this one!

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