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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Looking at you by Jan Warburton

Looking at you by Jan Warburton

I had the pleasure of beta reading this book. I have 'known' Jan Warburton via an authors group she is on, including one way back on kindle forum, since then, I have seen this author go from strength to strength in her writing. I didn't think she could better herself, but she can, she's an amazing author that needs recognition for her talent.

This book is filled with one of my fav subjects, stalking. I love the unexpected, and I got this in this book. I read it in one sitting as its a book you want to stay with.

Jess Freeman has a good man as her husband, a good job, everything seems perfect visual wise, but was it? Is it? Because when Jess tells her husband she is being stalked, he is very angry, he does things that he things will be very clever, but isn't. What he is doing though is driving her away, he isn't any support at all.

There is a moral dilemma in this book and lessons to be learnt.

One click this read, you won't be disappointed.

Jess Freeman’s marriage to Ben seems perfect and she loves her job a senior sales rep covering Yorkshire and the North-east for a designer eyewear firm. She then begins to realise she is being stalked. It’s every woman’s nightmare. But instead of providing expected loving support, Ben starts his own cruel subterfuge with tragic consequences. Will this finally drive Jess into the arms of Adam Lawson, her attractive new boss?This is a passionate, character driven, adult relationship novel with a bitter-sweet outcome. An emotional page-turner. Grown up romance, peppered with moral dilemmas.


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