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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Outbound Lane by Renea Porter

I really look forward to when this author contacts me and says "It's ready!!!"

After 'meeting' this author many months ago now through Philomena and my authors promote group on Facebook [2 friends promote with us] I and Philomena have eagerly awaited her next read, we have seen her grow, blossom and become such a talented writer to a fully fledged author, its an honour to read Renae Porter's books.

The first book in this series was awesome. I don't want to tell you much, its in the blurb, well, part of it, the untold story you need to buy the book and read it, its much more than what it appears to be.

The main character in the book had me crying, she also had me realising the amount of emotional strength we can find in ourselves. And when we think all is lost, it might not be the case. So when Renea Porter wrote this next book, I was eager to see what had become of her. Also the person she would become to be. And her relationships along the way.

I wasn't disappointed one little bit to find the details that this author had written about, the emotions that are so real and tangent you could reach out to the pages and touch them. I wanted to give this lovely young woman Alexis a big hug and say "Its going to be alright" but just when she and Cole were actually connecting a blast from the past happens. I felt like kicking him myself!

I don't know what it is, but this author always grips my attention and with my son taking my hubby to the cinema this afternoon I was able to get stuck right into this book and read it from beginning to end.

I am so grateful that this author rings my bell and shouts out "Its's ready!!!" to me. I hope this never ends and she rings my doorbell constantly!

"They say if you keep living in the past, you'll never move forward." 

Moving forward is what Alexis has been doing for the past two years. She has kept her head down and her heart guarded. That is until Cole Vega walks into her life, with his wicked smile making her heart skip a beat.

But Alexis has her own demons to face, and with her BFF gone for the summer. Cole is the only person she can rely on. 

When something traumatic happens, Cole is there to help her through it. And it kills him that not only is Alexis a recovering bulimic, she can’t stand to be touched. Cole is patient and willing to wait for Alexis to work out her issues. But when Cole’s past comes back to haunt him, it threatens everything he and Alexis have worked so hard to build. 

As they get to know each other, Alexis starts to trust Cole, and her feelings start to grow. But one thing Alexis refuses to do is return to her childhood home. In order to move forward in her final stages of recovery, she must face the one thing that could cause everything to come crashing back down. 

One summer will change everything. It will be a summer of first dates, first loves, first kisses and many more firsts. Will Cole break down the walls Alexis has kept up or will the unspoken truth keep her heart intact?

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