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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Out of My Mind by Pat White

Out of My MindOut of My Mind by Pat White
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you to Joy Creek Press via Net Galley in allowing me to read and review this book.

First of all, the cover pulled me in, then when reading the blurb, I found myself wondering what this book was going to reveal to me. I love a good mystery/thriller.

Having not read of Pat White before as an author, I was intrigued to find out just what she had to offer me as a reader.

She offered me a lot! I was sat reading this book for several hours, just having to put it down whilst doing any important tasks.

We have a young teenager that was involved in an accident, someone had knocked her down. The person who was said to be responsible lived just across the road from her. This, as you expect, was not ideal. Because of medical bills and loans taken out against the parents house for her medical bills they obviously couldn't move away to another town.

The problem was, she was left with a certain brain damage, she would forget things, not remember things, and when she went into some sort of a seizure she would 'see' things. Unsure of what they were, past or present or future.

I found the book on the whole riveting and not one thing can I say about it that I didn't enjoy reading.

The little twist at the end was unexpected.

And a lesson to learn at the end of this story I thought.

Highly recommended

Life is bad enough when you suffer from a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car, you can’t remember words and are knocked down to the dummy classes at school. But when over achieving high school junior Catherine Westfield experiences post-accident visions that start to come true, she fears they’ll lock her up with the crazies if anyone discovers her secret. Her parents want her back to “normal” but Catherine isn’t sure what normal is anymore. Every time she looks into someone’s eyes her visions kick in, exposing someone’s secrets and fears, and making her feel ever more alone. 

Just when Catherine thought things couldn’t get any worse, J.D. Pratt, the “bad boy” who hit her with his car, is assigned to be her note taker to fulfill his community service requirement. J.D. is keeping his own secrets about the accident and his home life. As the two teens are forced to spend time together, Catherine exposes J.D.’s secrets and he learns that she is not as strong as she makes others believe. Even though Catherine wants to hate J.D. for what he did to her and J.D. is convinced she is a “princess” who has everything, they soon realize they need each other more than they will ever admit. 

When Catherine sees a vision of a school bombing while looking into the eyes of her football-hero boyfriend, she finds a reluctant ally and protector in J.D. as the two try to prevent the tragedy. In the end, both learn the value of true friendship, forgiveness and even love. 

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