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Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Intimate Journey with Ceasar by M F Kreps

My Intimate Journey with Ceasar by M F Kreps
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, right, where do I begin.

As most people know by now I am an honest reviewer, but these are MY honest thoughts and there will be many more reviewers that will not agree with me, or have opinions of their own.

This my humble take on this read.

At the end of the book my jaw dropped. I sat there for several minutes thinking of what I have just read. When I saw the title of the book, I thought Ceasar was a man, not, its a haircut! I so laughted at myself. I used Google search bar to enlighten me. There are several "lengths" of a Ceasar haircut. Mostly in the African/caribbean they can be very short, and the hair dyed all sorts of wonderous colours. In the community of us Uk folk where I live, it can be as long as 2". But basically, the shape stays the same.

Now after that bit of history [which is by not means the end to the Ceasar haircut] I would like to tell you about the book.

The lady in question's marriage breaks up, husband was having an affair, and not the first time. [There is more to that as you read] but its then she decides to change her hair and her life.

The majority of the book then is based around the hairdressers, that's my take on it, and her Intimate liason's with the barbers!

Its a quick read really. Its one of those books you sit there reading wondering what the hell she is going to get upto next.

I really can't say whether I enjoyed the book or not, but it certainly had its entertaining factors for me.

I would like to thank M F Kreps for the chance in reading this book and reviewing it. It may not be the straight forward review anyone would like, but it surely had me laughing out loud in places, and at other places, sad, because of the relationships she had along the way.....with her Ceasar haircut!

I have been wearing a Ceasar hair cut for almost 20 years. Through the years many people have asked me several different questions about my hair choice. I often give a standard answer of "I am lazy and I don't like to do hair" or "I like how cool it makes me in the summer time." Here is the truth about my Journey with Ceasar. From my intimate affairs to my commitment issues

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