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Monday, 16 June 2014

Mai Tai Man by Sabrina Devonshire

Mai Tai ManMai Tai Man by Sabrina Devonshire
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have loved Sabrina Devonshire's books, she has a wonderful way of writing. Her story telling is worth any title of Best Seller.

I must say though, this book had me laughing out loud and cringing in some places [in a nice way]. I recommend this for any time of the year but I did enjoy it sat outside in the sunshine reading this. I just didn't have my own Tia Maria drink along with this read or the sexy hunk!!

It opens with her pending marriage doomed, as her groom has not explanation but he wants out! so she takes herself off.

Imagine waking up next to a hunk of a guy and you not remembering where you are let alone WHO IN THE HELL IS HE!!!

This book had me gripped throughout, its sexy, its fun, its full of believable characters. They get trapped in a story together and you just have to read this and life through their encounters, its truly so real.

Its a nice afternoon read, get lost in a book, that's what I say!! and this book is one book you will get lost in AND enjoy.

One of my top fav authors on the horizon of success. Love it.

Summer’s plans for a romantic escape to Mazatlán with her boyfriend the week before her University of Arizona classes resume disintegrate when he dumps her just before the trip. She goes anyway, planning to drown her sorrow with Mai Tais. Her plan goes awry when she wakes up beside a drop-dead gorgeous guy she can’t remember sleeping with. She imagines things can’t get worse until she learns this Alex has a bristly personality and, thanks to the hurricane outside, they’re stuck together until the storm ends

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