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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Evan Evolved: Book Two by Crystal Groszek

Evan Evolved: Book Two (The Evan Elemental Series)Evan Evolved: Book Two by Crystal Groszek
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh I have to be very careful how I write this review!

Its a must read if you've read book 1 as this explores more into depth of the character.

Its not a book I would have chosen to read, but I offered to read and review this on a blog tour I agreed to do, so although it was different in some ways for me [can't say much without giving it away!!!] I really got drawn in.

I'm keeping this review short, as its going to end up with spoilers otherwise.

If you've been waiting for book 2, this is it!

When Evan O’Fion wakes up in a hotel room after being kidnapped by the cocky and mysterious Ezra Volkov, her first impulse is to flee. But Ezra surprises her by giving her a choice: run away and live in darkness or go with him and discover the truth of who she really is. 

Does this beautiful, dangerous man have the answers to her questions? And will the truth be worth the heartache it will cause her? 

Evan isn’t sure who to trust, but she’s desperate for answers. Armed with her growing Elemental abilities and a fearlessness that borders on reckless, Evan begins a journey into her past and inadvertently unleashes the ghosts that those around her have tried to keep hidden, leading to the most shocking revelation yet.

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