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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Take Me with You by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Take Me with YouTake Me with You by Catherine Ryan Hyde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was lucky to be given a complimentary book from Lake Union Publishing

This book will be released in July

What a thoroughly satisfying pleasant read.

A science school teacher who has been sober now for a couple of years takes off for the summer on a trip.

He has an ex wife who was driving while under the influence of alcohol had a terrible traffic accident killing their son.

He has to pull in at a roadside to get his vehicle looked at and here is where he meets Wes the Father, Seth his young son and Henry the youngest.

Things start to developed from there.

This book had me thinking. Friendships are sometimes formed out of the unlikeliest of people, age and sex. This unique story Catherine Ryan Hyde has woven has showed me how we continue to learn and how we continue to grow.

It also has taught me that we learn very much from each other.

Unlikely friendships, unlikely bounds all interwoven in a fantastic tale in only the style this author has.

August Shroeder, a burned-out teacher, has been sober since his 19-year-old son died. Every year he's spent the summer on the road, but making it to Yellowstone this year means everything. The plan had been to travel there with his son, but now August is making the trip with Philip's ashes instead. An unexpected twist of fate lands August with two extra passengers for his journey, two half-orphans with nowhere else to go.

What none of them could have known was how transformative both the trip?and the bonds that develop between them?would prove, driving each to create a new destiny together


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