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Friday, 16 May 2014

Progeny by Anita Bihovsky

ProgenyProgeny by Anita Bihovsky
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When an online friend of mine who also is an avid book worm [Sophie Harris] read this book and rated it, I knew it was something that I could get my teeth into.

I wasn't wrong.

This truly is a page turner. I don't think any reviewer/reader could do a write up on the lovely story without giving it away, so I'm going to try my best not to do this.

Selene is now 20 years old, and sitting beside her Mother's deathbed she is told by her Mother's dying breath that although she is her Mother in most senses of the word, but not her biological one.

Now, before you think its a cut and dried case and she goes off searching for her biological Mom, you couldn't be farther from the truth as to where this would lead and what it would uncover.......that's all I am saying!

When I read that this is Anita Bihovsky's FIRST book, I was what? WHAT!, surely not, she is an expert writer, expert author, expert story teller. I would certainly not have thought this was her first written work.

To use the old reviewers Cliché was a page turner, I couldn't put it down, it kept me up reading all night.....this was fab, this was good, this was.....

You get the picture?! well, it was all of those Clichés and MORE.

If you don't read anything else this this one.

May I thank the author Anita Bihovsky for gifting me this book. This has in no way urged me to write a good review, I write honestly and from my thoughts, feelings and how a book affects me.

Sitting beside her mother's deathbed, twenty-year-old Selene Mannon learns that the woman she's about to lose isn't her biological parent. Grieving and confused, Selene sets out to discover the identity of her real mother. Little does she know, the question isn't as simple as it seems. Curiously missing medical files kick off a mystery layered in deceit. Selene soon crosses paths with pediatrician Deandra Robbins, who is seeking the same files -- which may hold the key to diagnosing three of her young patients' puzzling symptoms. Aided by private investigator Max Field, they work together to unearth a past that others are determined to keep buried at all costs. But just when Selene believes she's finally gotten to the bottom of things, the biggest shock still awaits. While all this is happening, a mysterious born-again nurse, Merle Addison, is blackmailing a doctor she once worked for to ultimately fund a deadly plot that will intersect with Selene. Can Selene forgive the mother who raised and deceived her? Will she ever find her real mother? How far will people go to find -- or hide -- the truth? Join Selene and her friends as they struggle against the odds in search of answers that may be harder to cope with than a lifetime of lies

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