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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Love List by Deb Marlowe

The Love ListThe Love List by Deb Marlowe
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Its been a very very long time since I read an historical romance. I went 'off' of them due to the 'sameness' over and over again as in a lot of romantic books lately.

I read some reviews prior to me requesting to read this from Aspendawn Books via Net Galley. I had read one of this authors books before but a while back.

Based on the year [1800's] it was true to form, the lady in the story seemed to lack excitement, but then again, a "proper" brought up lady in society didn't show emotions in those days unlike what is plastered all over books now a days. I like the middle between both.

The one thing that kept me reading this was the actual Love List. That was the bit that kept my attention, I must say, I struggled with it. But that is not the authors fault, its more mine. It just reminded me why I veered away from this type of read.

The Harris List of Covent Garden Ladies, that wickedly witty annual register of the city's lightskirts, was once a grand London tradition. Now, as all of Europe is celebrating the end of the long wars, the scheming Lord Marstoke has revived it--and transformed it into a weapon to be used against his runaway fiancĂ© and the old enemy who helped her escape. 

A List no respectable lady wishes to be on . . . 

Miss Brynne Wilmott escaped the monstrous Marstoke once, with the inadvertent aide of Nathan Russell, the Duke of Aldmere, and the incredible generosity of Hestia Wright, the former courtesan pledged to help any woman in trouble. But now Marstoke's Love List is threatening her new future--and making her into a weapon forged to destroy her friend. 

The request a certain Duke has no wish to hear . . . 

The Duke of Aldmere doesn't believe in meddling. Fate has proven that interfering in personal matters only leads to bigger troubles and personal relationships come at a high price--too often paid by someone he cares for. He has no wish to involve himself in Brynne Wilmott's affairs, despite her spirited beauty and damned tempting mouth. But she's discovered that his brother is mixed up in this business as well, and reluctantly, they agree to work together. Their search leads them through some of London's most dangerous haunts and it quickly becomes clear that Marstoke's plans are more twisted and treasonous than anyone has suspected. Yet the danger and intrigue are as nothing compared to the effect that Nathan and Brynne have on each other . .

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