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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hell Without You by Ranae Rose

Hell Without YouHell Without You by Ranae Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked this book, it had all the foundations to make this superb for me.

I love the 2nd chance of love reads when I've been reading a thriller and then choose one of these, I always like to vary my reads so that I can clear my head for the next one.

The romance was inevitable that they would get back together, but that didn't steer me away from it, it compounded me to read more.

With Donovan having served in the Military of course he was left with demons of his own and I thought the author brought that to the fore nicely.

There was a touch of mystery and intrigue, but I blinked and missed it. I think that could have been developed IMHO as it would have made the middle bit of the book more compounding.

On the whole, I liked this book!

I was given this book as a complimentary from Net Galley courtesy of the author.

Time changes everything, except what’s meant to be.

Seven years is a long time – long enough to transform Clementine from a small-town teenager with a broken heart into a woman ready to take on the world, but not long enough to make her forget about the man she was never supposed to see again. A temporary return to tiny Willow Heights thrusts her back into Donovan’s life and home, unearthing heartbreak and obsession that have stood the test of time.

He left seven years ago too, for war and other things Clementine can only imagine. Coming back to the town where he grew up in the shadow of poverty and drug addiction makes no sense, and neither do Clementine’s feelings for him. He could never forgive her for leaving, could he? Even if she had no choice.

Now, she has the freedom to choose … and so does he. Every day in Willow Heights makes it clearer: all he ever really wanted was her, and nothing will change that. Not even a taste of the hell that drove them apart in the first place

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