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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Entwined by Samantha Jacobey

Entwined (New Life, #3)Entwined by Samantha Jacobey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book 3 in the series [I believe there will be book 4.5,6 and 7]

I am always a bit reserved when it comes to series that have so many book attached to them.
My reason is this:

I usually enjoy book 1. If I don't, then I try book 2, if that is ah, no, then I leave the rest.

Sometimes authors give what they readers want, OK, I am OK with that, except, can the author deliver it as good and as interesting and as awe inspiringly captivating as previous books in that series. A lot can get weaker with POV series. I have a 'thing' about these, sorry, but its my humble preference.


I was captive with book #1, I was eagerly reading book #2, breathing heavy by the time I got to book #3.

Tori is the CAPTIVE, I felt myself as the reader being the victim of an awe inspiring, emotional, angst, strong character, rollercoaster ride of emotions.


We now see Tori's life settling a bit. She can now safely leave the 'safe house' and start a new life for herself. Is it going to be easy though.

Henry [who we met in book 1 who was kind to her and had advice for her, leaving her with a key to something she didn't know what was at the end of it], Henry's brother now comes into the picture who promised Henry before his death, that he would keep Tori safe.

They find the box that the key belongs to, and hence the journey begins.

Tori never ceases to amaze me, she is one strong cookie. Yes she has her weaknesses as we all do, but with what she has gone through could have broken her. Yes it did, but not right through, it left cracks in her character, it left scars on her physically and emotionally. Getting through it all has been a remarkable experience for her and for me!

This author has a great way of telling this story, I don't know how she came up with this, but its an awesome read.

If you've not bought book 1 and 2, do so, you need to read the previous books before reading this one. They are NOT stand alone.

My hat goes off to this author, I just wish I had read these before.

Entwined - A New Life Series
Book 3 of A New Life Series

There is nothing crueler than getting a taste of something you’ve fought hard to reach, only to have it ripped away, sending your world into a tailspin

Tori wants to put the past behind her, but it’s a daunting task when you have the FBI trying to force you back into the life you’ve escaped. When a ghost from her past visits, it could be the leverage they need to do exactly that ”" put her back into the game of murder and deceit. Tori has decided to run, in an attempt to protect her new friends, by fleeing from LA.

Wanting a place to call home and feel safe from the madness, she sets out with a plan to disappear and hide in anonymity. Her idea only holds one flaw ”" a man she can’t shake, who won’t take 'No' for an answer.

She soon discovers that getting a new life means she must first lay to rest the demons of her past.
˃˃˃ Book 3 of 7 in A New Life Series

This is the third in a series that chronicles the life of a young woman who is raised by a group of men who work as freelance mercenaries in the dark world of drug trafficking and murder for hire. They acquired the young woman at a very young age, as she has no memory of life before them. This book opens as Tori is visit by a ghost from her past... should she run or is he here to help?

You can see the book trailer for Entwined here:

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