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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Shattered Lives Mended Hearts by Lena Nicole RELEASE 31st March

Shattered Lives Mended Hearts (The One Series, #2)Shattered Lives Mended Hearts by Lena Nicole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Following on from book 1 [which was amazing, refer to my review] I was eager to continue to story of Colin, Pierce and Addison.

Now that Addisons memory has returned suddenly as she was stood at the church to marry Piece, what is going to happen?

Its been months and her memory hadn't returned, so Addison's decision of 'living in the now' was manageable, however, now her thoughts, feelings, knowledge and emotions have returned, she couldn't go ahead and marry Piece, could she?

I don't always like chapters or POV from each character, it normally annoys me this new way of writing a book, but I can honestly say that it worked great in this series, it couldn't have been done so expertly any other way but this way!

Lena Nicole, in MHO is an up and coming authors, I'd watch this space if I were you. She is well in the high ranks of Indie/self published authors. I read loads of books [as you can imagine as a reviewer] there is competition out there.

I am honestly happy to see good covers for her books too instead of the latest fashion of Alpa hunk males flashing on the covers! Loved the covers, its one of the first things I think readers look at, its the age old attraction magnetism whether we want to agree with this or not.

Lena Nicole is a great author, she pulled me into the characters and I was so emotionally involved.

I felt so bad for Colin. I felt Pierce sometimes was a bit smug, and then at times sympathetic to Colin's feelings. I also got annoyed at times thinking that Addison could have shown more empathy towards Colin, then reminded myself, how could she? he was a stranger to her. But in this book it all comes together. I LOVE IT. I can't praise the author enough and thank her for such a wonderful set of books that has kept me entertained for hours.

If you have not read The One Left Behind, this synopsis will be a spoiler to that book.

Addison's life was shattered a year ago when she was left with no memory of her fiancĂ©. When Pierce entered her life she thought she was on the mend until her memories of Colin came back. 

With having all her old memories flooding back, Addison is left faced with the consequences of the decision she made to move on with another man. 

Now faced with loving two men Addison must find it in her heart who her soul mate is without breaking the heart of the other. 

Will Addison run away leaving everyone with shattered lives or make a decision that will mend hearts

Will make the Amazon Link live when its released

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