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Friday, 21 March 2014

Across The Pond: Part Two by Isabella Delvino

Across The Pond: Part TwoAcross The Pond: Part Two by Isabella Delvino
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well I've been trying to make my mind up if this second book is better than the last or on the same par.
I think, slightly better due to the fact its picking up a fast pace and so much is happening in this one you don't realise your half way through the book then suddenly........finished! That's how it was for me anyhow!

There is a 'bad boy' involved in this story, a husband and a pregnancy, its all very exciting. Her possessive husband is a nightmare, but is he worse than the bad boy she got involved with? read it and see.

Who is the father? hmm even had me fooled.

Laney is involved in this, her sister. Cambi confides in her sister and as she speaks, you can hear and feel the emotion in each sentence.

I found this book started right where the first one left off, not recapping too much and really keeping its pace throughout which meant as a reader and reviewer, it kept my attention throughout.

I was given this book as a complimentary for an honest review.
A Devastated Cambria returns home to Pasadena from London to deal with the consequences of her whirlwind relationship with Zander and the problems brought on by her ex-husband's possessiveness. Their desperate actions have set into motion a sequence of events that will change their lives forever. 

The good girl meets bad boy tale of unexpected love and deception comes to its final conclusion. 

***Due to the high level of sexiness, this book is intended for those 18 years and over

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